About Us



Courageous Conversations is a podcast that seeks to amplify the voices of changemakers and explore how and why they work. With support from the Ford Foundation in Season Two, Jillian Reilly and Jenn Warren have interviewed a range of changemakers working in social justice, on the deep and personal work of challenging the status quo – the risks taken, the vulnerability required, the triumphs and tears. Our aim is to both inspire and instruct aspiring and ambitious changemakers and use the podcast as a strategic tool for social change – highlighting role models, creating a community of listeners, and feeding into a community of practice. In turn, the Ford Foundation has supported the creation of a unique and valuable contribution to the “library” of resources that inform and inspire social changemakers. Produced by Jenn Warren, with music courtesy of Benjamin Verdery. Follow us on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Producer & Host Jillian Reilly is an aspiring troublemaker, recovering do-gooder, and teller of stories. She has worked in the global aid industry across Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, and moved to South Africa to focus on human rights and monitor the historic 1994 elections. Since that time, Jillian has developed projects in countries across East and Southern Africa, and started an HIV/Aids programme in Zimbabwe. Over the course of her consulting career, Jillian has worked both at grassroots and corporate levels: facilitating planning meetings and designing multi-million dollar projects, and assisting community groups to plan smaller budgets. Her articles have been published in Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post. Her memoir, Shame: Confessions of an Aid Worker in Africa, was published in 2013, and she recently launched Antacara Frontiers, a personal and professional workshop series that combines structured expeditions with time for reflection, creativity and play. Jillian wishes it wasn’t so hard to hold uncomfortable conversations, and she’s doing her part to make it easier.

Producer Jenn Warren is a communications consultant and storyteller, specialising in audio, digital storytelling, photography and communications for the humanitarian and development sectors. Jenn has worked for a range of government, donor, UN and NGO clients including USAID, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Grassroot Soccer, the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, UNHCR and UNICEF, and her work has been published in the Sunday Times Magazine, TIME, Rolling Stone, The Independent and BBC News Online, amongst others. She holds a Masters Degree in Communication for Development from Malmo University, and leads participatory storytelling and communications workshops for youth and professionals. Jenn made South Africa her home in 2012 after spending four years in South Sudan, and also produces Ekoneni: Street Corner Stories, a podcast about South African innovators. Jenn is continually inspired by Courageous Conversations interviewees, and wishes the world could be a kinder place.